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Attain the dreamy and much-desired look through Disney Rapunzel Cosplay

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Attain the dreamy and much-desired look through Disney Rapunzel Cosplay

What strikes a chord when you initially hear the word 'Disney'? It takes you to a crazy ride to your adolescence, right! Disney has given us so many characters to be fond of. Out of those characters, one iconic character is Rapunzel. Rapunzel is the main character in the film ‘Tangled.’ Rapunzel got famous because of her long and beautiful hair. Her magical hair made many girls go gaga. In the main story, she intends to lead an adventurous life and leave the tower in which she has been living. There is so much to discuss Rapunzel and Rapunzel Cosplay, and how it can eventually change a girl’s look completely. Eminently, the dresses that Disney princesses wore have been in relatively every young lady's bucket list.

Before going deeper into Rapunzel Cosplay, let’s discuss what the Cosplay is:

Cosplay. It's a word that has been on the lips of relatively every person who has been interested in dressing. The persons who love it, usually adore it, live it and inhale it, or simply acknowledge it. It's a basic piece of traditions, and as the years have passed by, cosplay has gone wilder with time. And, love for the cosplay has been increasing among people all over the world. If you are not properly dressed as per the event you are going in; then you are not appreciated. In such as era, it is must to know about Cosplay.

Cosplay has advanced so overwhelmingly into popular culture. In spite of its serious immersion, there are as yet many people who are a little unaware of what precisely cosplay is. What does cosplay mean? The word Cosplay can be broken into two words which are: Costume + Play.

The mid-90s saw the ascending of cosplay into pop culture, in spite of the fact that it most likely started at first in Japan. It is the act of depicting any fictional character along with the exact same dress and other accessories.

Why do Cosplayers love Cosplay?

Be it love for a character, or getting a charge out of the consideration of being in an intricate outfit or depicting an adored character, there are numerous inspirations for performing Cosplay.

Cosplay consists of two elements. The first element is to do or wear or become what you love. And, the second thing is your surrounding or the community you live in. Being a cosplayer depends on these two factors mainly. And, following these, you also don’t get to know when you start enjoying this sophisticated form of dressing up.

What's more pleasant to dedicate a piece of yourself to something you like to do. Making cosplay takes a considerable amount of time, but it proved to be worth it. It kind of devours your life for a bit.

After having a basic understanding of Cosplay, let’s discuss Rapunzel Cosplay, i.e., of course, related to Disney Cosplay:

How Rapunzel Cosplay steals everyone’s heart, and how it is exclusive in its own way?

Rapunzel, the character that is extremely popular with her around 70 feet long blonde & golden hair, lovely smile, and green eyes, doesn’t stay back while we talk about her dress. What she wears is a conventional German dress, i.e., traditionally called as ‘Dirndl.’ Rapunzel’s dress looks even more beautiful because of its colors, i.e., the alluring purple color having a pink color’s tinge into it. The whole dress includes a corset top, i.e., lavender purple in color. This top is being laced with pink colored ribbon, which genuinely locates bloom in it. The skirt that is worn with the corset top is purple. This skirt comes up with the swirly designs of white, pink, and purple colors. The whole attire looks spectacular and totally unavoidable.

You can also have your pair of Rapunzel dress at

Rapunzel’s Gear, and other accessories

Along with the pretty dress that Rapunzel is seen to wear, there are countless accessories required to be pursued to attain the complete Rapunzel look.

  • Long Hair

The main asset of Rapunzel can be said to be her alluring hair. Without using equally beautiful hair, one cannot look like Rapunzel. Even Rapunzel wouldn’t have looked the same with her long golden hair. It is definitely hard to have hair as long as 70 feet, that’s why wig is the best option to go for.

It is a tough task to find such a wig that is 70 feet long, golden blonde in color, and having the desired shine in it. That’s why Angel Secret brings a solution for the same as well. All one need to do is to and buy it. After that, it is advisable to put some flowers on it, so that it may look the same.

  • A Tiara

If one goes to read the familiar Rapunzel story, then there is no mention related to a tiara in that. But as Disney never stops to experiment, the added crown located bloom to Rapunzel’s entire look. I guess it is not necessary but a quite needed part to make a girl look like a princess. You can have a tiara for yourself that would exactly be the same as that of Rapunzel’s at

The above are the basic accessories that one can have to achieve the Rapunzel Cosplay completely. The best part of having a look same as of Rapunzel is that you can be barefoot. You don’t have to wear uncomfortable heels or any other footwear, as Rapunzel likes it free only.

Rapunzel Cosplayer may prove to be a lifetime experience for a girl, and that is the reason why the number of Cosplayers is increasing day by day. Also, this trend is achieving new heights as the time is passing by.

Rapunzel’s character has proved to be one of the very princesses to get our attention. And, that’s why, Angel Secret has come up with countless options for girls to attain the look of any of the princesses, they like. Angel Secret ( brings a solution for girls of all ages. You girls can pick your favorite character, then pick out the dress that you like. And, then you just have to provide the exact size of yours so that the dress fits you like it is made for you only.

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